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Expecting nothing, prepared for anything!


Life’s most defining moments are often unplanned and unscripted. Because of the unpredictable nature of those events, they have the potential to end with disastrous results for you and your family. In an employment crisis, you may be left without the means to support your lifestyle. If a natural disaster strikes, you may find yourself rebuilding your home from the ground up. But in a violent encounter, there is a real threat of losing your life.

CDT cannot help you find a job or rebuild your home. We can help you prepare for an unpredictable violent encounter. Whether it is a mugging, home invasion, attempted car-jacking, or anything in between, we will provide you with the tools you need to stay alive and protect your family.

Our mission is to provide superior training in an ever changing world. Techniques and counter measures evolve everyday in close quarter tactics and self defense. We will always be evolving and testing the fight system daily to ensure the best hand-to-hand, edged weapons, and firearm applications are taught to those with like-mindedness.



We will train everyone that comes through our door with respect, integrity, loyalty, and with a great desire to see all develop their skills. The Bible says, ”Because of the lack of knowledge God’s people perish”. We desire to change that outcome to, ”Because of knowledge God’s people survive!” One day when evil men want to do you harm, you will fight! You will WIN!

What we do – Combined Defensive Tactics trains civilians in hand-to-hand, edged weapons, ground tactics, and firearms usage. CDT is also the next level of training for law enforcement and military personnel. We provide these professionals with advanced training in various systems, including Israeli Krav Maga and Haganah, Tony Blauer’s Spear Method, Muay Thai, Phillipino Panantukan, Malafindo Silat, Brazilian Jujitsu, Sayoc Kali, Arnis Escrima, and dynamic combat firearms methods. CDT seeks to train you outside the box which makes you much more diversified to train and fight at any level in any discipline.

Mindset for civilian self defense – The foundation for our training is the application of our mindset. Fights begin psychologically! Before you can completely and effectively defend yourself you must understand a few key points of our mindset:

1. Awareness – You must adapt and prepare yourself to recognize and identify potential threats in daily circumstances.

2. Escalation – Develop your ability to articulate a proper command presence, and learn postures that will enhance your ability to react to a threat while appearing non-violent.

3. Action – Be prepared to fight for your life. Learn the proper response with speed, surprise, and violence of action that will overwhelm and terminate a dangerous threat.

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